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What’s the deal with the bird?

I have had an affinity for birds for as long as I can remember. My Grandma Lucille (one of my namesakes) always had birds around…large domesticated parrots as pets, and she even charmed wild cardinals to feed from her hand. So, I guess it spurred my fascination as a young girl. I also love the symbolism associated with birds: freedom, peace, spirituality, and elegance, and for me, a sense of whimsy. Birds also symbolize bringing color and vibrancy into one’s life, and I tend to think this is one of my best talents, as well.

I have an even deeper appreciation for birds today, as I have two, highly intelligent, humorous, and mischievous African Grey parrots as my feathered children.

Boo on her faucet perch

Birds on cage

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